Current Works and a job.

I’m currently working at Michael’s Arts & Crafts as a custom framer about to get my official test to get the title “Certified Framer”. I put together a small display of three pieces of my art to show off artist cards and the mini frames we sell in hopes that we may sell some more and that there will be more interest generated in the two items. Also threw a little plastic easel in there to hold the frame and maybe customers will have some interest in those as a secondary tactic. But the artwork is all mine and one is even a mini finished painting. I hope to take a photo of the set-up tomorrow once I get a starburst on it directing customers to the aisel that the artist cards are hanging in. I will be sure to post it here when I do. On the other hand I am going to be working on a couple of books, some oil and watercolor paint painting techniques, figuring out some new full scale illustrations instead of just portraits, plain imagery, etc. I want to move into full environment images, and I may just start painting some landscapes and such to get a better grip on perspective because my perspective sucks and is the reason I’ve shied away from full illustrations but I don’t want to be that way anymore and so there will be lots of copying landscape/environment photos I will be taking and going to do some outdoor painting as well before the weather gets too cold. I’m feeling motivated and I’m gonna hang onto that feeling and really get crackin. There’s a few tools I need to get my hands on and so commissions are welcome at this time!

Tools of the trade on my to buy list:
-Nikon D5000 with basic and zoom lens
-HP Photosmart Plus printer
-Strathmore drawing paper
-Masonite Boards (untreated)
-250 GB passport external harddrive (red preferably, fave color and easier to find in the pile of artwork)


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