I have been quiet, but busy.

araportraitlogo-1I would like to take a moment to begin my new stage of progress by posting the painting I did for the logo image of my new etsy store and rebranded studio name made of words people actually know instead of simply my internet username. That was beginning to feel a little amateur and so I took some time to do some business reading and work on some branding and open an Etsy shop! Please welcome my little mascot Ara , which har har is an abbreviation of the shop name, Archaic Raven Artifacts! I will put up a variety of art and hand crafted items for sale in the shop when I get some products developed and my recent paintings properly photographed! Please feel free to check out the shop in the meantime as well as my brand new website! http://archaicraven.weebly.com/ Thanks for following and look forward to seeing more posts from me here on wordpress as I give real effort to deciding which blog format I like best, whether it be here or my tumblr. For my small everyday updates and activity, please feel free to follow me on instagram- @lucianthinus !


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