WIP of zeek painting


WIP of zeek painting

I always liked seeing works that weren’t quite finished, I loved the hair in the background at this stage and I sort of wish I’d kept it that way in the final. But you win some ya lose some, and I learned a bit from this piece. 🙂


Tim Holtz

Hello all,

Hope this finds you all well and feeling crafty! I just acquired a whole pile of stuff by designer Tim Holtz in the past few days including volume 1 of Compendium of Curiosities! Now as I unpackaged all of my little treasures a thought struck me. I wonder if any of the people who read my blog…if there are any, would be interested in me talking about each of my little items and doing a post for each maybe..once every couple of days, one day a week, or even everyday if there’s an interest? Please feel free to comment below if you follow and if you’d be interested in seeing that from me.

Mind you it won’t just be Tim Holtz stuff and I can tell you where I got said item and how much it cost me as well if the information is of interest. I will be showing projects made with these items as I make and photograph them so it might be cool to talk about the tools I use too!

I’ve been toying around with mixed media for a while now and acquiring these tools and items are giving me even broader options for my paintings and other creations and I hope you will enjoy the items to come. I may sell some of them so if there is one you like, don’t hesitate to contact me about it and make an offer if you like if I don’t already have a set price! =D I do accept paypal. Also if you are simply feeling generous you can ask for my paypal and send a few dollars my way for coffe or even more crafty goodness!

Take care everyone! Til next post. 🙂


Current Works and a job.

I’m currently working at Michael’s Arts & Crafts as a custom framer about to get my official test to get the title “Certified Framer”. I put together a small display of three pieces of my art to show off artist cards and the mini frames we sell in hopes that we may sell some more and that there will be more interest generated in the two items. Also threw a little plastic easel in there to hold the frame and maybe customers will have some interest in those as a secondary tactic. But the artwork is all mine and one is even a mini finished painting. I hope to take a photo of the set-up tomorrow once I get a starburst on it directing customers to the aisel that the artist cards are hanging in. I will be sure to post it here when I do. On the other hand I am going to be working on a couple of books, some oil and watercolor paint painting techniques, figuring out some new full scale illustrations instead of just portraits, plain imagery, etc. I want to move into full environment images, and I may just start painting some landscapes and such to get a better grip on perspective because my perspective sucks and is the reason I’ve shied away from full illustrations but I don’t want to be that way anymore and so there will be lots of copying landscape/environment photos I will be taking and going to do some outdoor painting as well before the weather gets too cold. I’m feeling motivated and I’m gonna hang onto that feeling and really get crackin. There’s a few tools I need to get my hands on and so commissions are welcome at this time!

Tools of the trade on my to buy list:
-Nikon D5000 with basic and zoom lens
-HP Photosmart Plus printer
-Strathmore drawing paper
-Masonite Boards (untreated)
-250 GB passport external harddrive (red preferably, fave color and easier to find in the pile of artwork)


Well I graduated from RIT and am now a RIT Tiger Alumni.

This image is a painting of a character portrait I did for a good friend on SecondLife. I find I really enjoy these but I do need to expand the variety of work I do so I may slow down on producing these while I work on getting a better range of imagery and such. This image is watercolor, a little bit of ink and no pen this time, just went straight in with the watercolor after making the final sketch in my sketchbook and let it run. I like how the shadows turned out in this one and I may work more on it and bring in some more details. I’m trying to be patient with my work as of late to get it to really turn out well so that I can then work on really getting them done faster once I know where it is I keep messing up or what is messing me up. So we will see where it goes from here and hopefully there will be a pick up in the number of posts on here from now on! Wish me luck and hope you are all having a wonderful summer!!


Here is one of two of the portraits I’ve finished so far. I say so far because I enjoy doing these little portraits and I forsee doing more of them in the future, in face I have a commission for one of these right now. Just waiting to hear back fromthe commissioner on what he wants the feel of the image to be. These are just small watercolor and colored pencil pieces based off of the characters and Second Life avatars of the personal characters of my commissioners and friends. This one is one of my own characters who is a combination of things, mainly a cat, with a sergal tail, sika antlers, and mythic ram horns. She’s a lot of fun and is my main character/avatar for SL.