WIP of zeek painting


WIP of zeek painting

I always liked seeing works that weren’t quite finished, I loved the hair in the background at this stage and I sort of wish I’d kept it that way in the final. But you win some ya lose some, and I learned a bit from this piece. 🙂



Well I graduated from RIT and am now a RIT Tiger Alumni.

This image is a painting of a character portrait I did for a good friend on SecondLife. I find I really enjoy these but I do need to expand the variety of work I do so I may slow down on producing these while I work on getting a better range of imagery and such. This image is watercolor, a little bit of ink and no pen this time, just went straight in with the watercolor after making the final sketch in my sketchbook and let it run. I like how the shadows turned out in this one and I may work more on it and bring in some more details. I’m trying to be patient with my work as of late to get it to really turn out well so that I can then work on really getting them done faster once I know where it is I keep messing up or what is messing me up. So we will see where it goes from here and hopefully there will be a pick up in the number of posts on here from now on! Wish me luck and hope you are all having a wonderful summer!!


Here is one of two of the portraits I’ve finished so far. I say so far because I enjoy doing these little portraits and I forsee doing more of them in the future, in face I have a commission for one of these right now. Just waiting to hear back fromthe commissioner on what he wants the feel of the image to be. These are just small watercolor and colored pencil pieces based off of the characters and Second Life avatars of the personal characters of my commissioners and friends. This one is one of my own characters who is a combination of things, mainly a cat, with a sergal tail, sika antlers, and mythic ram horns. She’s a lot of fun and is my main character/avatar for SL.